Survey on ConvSearch and Applications in Biomedicine

A literature review on conversational search techniques for information retrieval and applications in the biomedical domains.

Graph Representation Learning for IR and Ontology Construction

Graph representation learning using various meta-paths and the applications in information retrieval and ontology construction tasks.



Joint Model for Entity Recognition and Normalization

Design a joint model utilizing neural network architecture for mention detection and entity linking within a biomedical ontology (i.e., UMLS concepts).

Document Retrieval using Neural Text Summarization

Scholarly document retrieval for precision medicine using deep learning methods for document classification and text summarization.

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Misleading Information on Twitter Regarding Nicotine as Potential Prophylactic or Therapeutic for COVID-19

Predictive model using CBA algorithm (apriori association rules) for identifying tweets with misleading information, especially on the use of smoking (vaping) for COVID-19.

BMET (BioMedical Entity Tagged) Embeddings

Learning joint word-concept embeddings from the biomedical entity annotated corpus. We use the MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) codes for representing biomedical entities.

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Identifying Special Interest Groups on Twitter and the Effects of Twitter's interventions

Data analytics on the perspectives of a special interest group (i.e., QAnon) towards the COVID related events.


Kratylos: Unified linguistic corpora from diverse data sources

developed a document management system that serves the (computational) linguistic researchers for managing and accessing the lexical and corpus datasets

Endangered Language Alliance (ELA) and University of Kentucky